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About Us

The Godby family, as well as everyone at Courageous Care Family Foundation, Inc. (C.C.F.F.) together, are very passionate about helping adult patients and their families challenged by various forms of medically qualified terminal cancer.

Our objective is to assist each family in finding help, hope, and healing on their journey as they battle cancer, as they walk on the road to recovery and restoration.


Blog and Info

Read insightful information plus personal testimonies of the families who have been diagnosed and are winning the challenges of a terminal and chronic diagnosis.

Some or even all of them may be inspiring, encouraging, and helpful in your own life, on your journey.

We pray that each one of these stories will be a blessing to you.

Adeline Fallon’s Story

By pwsadmin | April 21, 2021

Angelina Talkington

By pwsadmin | April 21, 2021

My Story by Jacquie Cupich

By pwsadmin | April 21, 2021

Photo Gallery

Our photo gallery features photos of the Godby family dream coming true, family photos, as well as pictures of friends that are on their own journeys.

Each photo tells a special and significant story that we hope will help and inspire you on your journey, wherever that journey may lead you.



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